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Crosby & Taylor Pewter Goods

Picture this. An expert maker pours a cascade of silvery molten metal from a ladle into a spinning mold. As the metal hardens, she carefully wields a hammer to refine the shape and texture of the piece, giving it character and authenticity.

For thirty-some years, Crosby & Taylor founder Deborah Chapman has made a living as a pewter smith. Early in life, she earned a Masters degree in French Literature and thought that her destiny was to be a French teacher. Life doesn’t always go as planned.

Deborah is proud to be an American artisan, making products that have meaning and purpose. The Barrington Garage is also proud to offer a substantial collection of Crosby & Taylor designs ranging from little sentiment coins to luxurious measuring spoons and cups displayed on stately pewter posts. We're confident these products will bring beauty and authenticity to your home, or to the home of someone you care about.

Crosby & Taylor uses only the finest American pewter which is completely lead-free and safe for food preparation and human contact.